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July 2013 Post Off Pricing

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Columbia Valley Cellarmaster Riesling

Sweet wine. A beautifully balanced wine that has classic floral, Riesling aromas. This wine is almost clear in color as Rieslings have very little pigment and are generally tank fermented. These grapes are selected for this wine because of their…

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Columbia Valley Pinot Gris

Dry wine. Spicy aroma with hints of citrus and ripe melon. Delicate and slightly floral with a clean crisp palate which will complement lighter cuisine and be perfect on a hot day. Tasting Notes The 2009 Pinot Gris is beautifully…

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Columbia Valley Gewurztraminer

Medium dry wine. Spicy aroma of lychee fruit, grapefruit and melons. This wine makes an excellent aperitif and a fine choice with ham, turkey, smoked fish and spicy foods. Now in screwcap to ensure the ultimate freshness is delivered to…

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Columbia Valley Syrah

Dry wine. A fruitful style with aromas and flavors of blackberry, blueberry, spice and toasty oak notes. The substantial flavors of this wine pair well with hearty pastas, stews and grilled beef or lamb. Harvest Perfectly ripe and healthy fruit…

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Columbia Valley Merlot

Dry wine. Aromas of mint with black cherry undertones. More substantial than many fruit forward Merlots. Columbia’s style is to surround the plum flavors with a layer of soft tannins that will give the wine the capacity to age gracefully…

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Columbia Valley Chardonnay

Dry wine. A large portion of this wine is barrel fermented and undergoes the secondary malolactic fermentation whereby crisp, tart malic acid converts itself to buttery lactic acid. The tank fermented portion contributes crisp acidity, which allows one to taste…

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Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry wine. Blackcurrant, cedarwood, blackberry, sometimes eucalyptus, bell pepper and green olive flavors and aromas. Cabernet Sauvignon stands up beautifully to virtually all red meats, whether served simply with au jus or rich, reduced sauces. Fine older Cabernets are excellent…

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Chocolaterouge Dark Red Blend

Deliciously different, ChocolatRouge Dark Red is a full-bodied blend of premium red wine and dark chocolate flavors reminiscent of black cherries with hints of dark chocolate. Visit the Chocolaterouge Wines website...

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Chocolaterouge Sweet Red Blend

Deliciously different, ChocolatRouge Sweet Red is a luscious blend of fine red wine and rich chocolate flavors reminiscent of chocolate-dipped red berries with a soft velvety finish. Enjoy this ideal combination for a smooth rich taste not to be missed.…

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Chocolaterouge Milk Chocolate

Experience true decadence in a luscious blend of rich chocolate flavors and fine red wine. Deliciously Different, ChocolatRouge entices with creamy richness. Serve chilled or savor it on the rocks for the ultimate indulgence. 98 POINTS! DOUBLE GOLD! 2012 California…

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Comte de Lauze Chateauneuf du Pape

Anne Foucher is the steward of this estate based in Courthezon. With parcels in the northwest of Chateauneuf du Pape, in the lieu dit Cabrieres, her wines are opulent and reflect purity instead of exuberance. "A masculine profile with loads…

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