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Bitter Root Brewing Sawtooth Ale

Sawtooth Ale Lewis and Clark's 1805-1806 expedition took them past the many creeks that flow into the Bitterroot River each spring, among them Sawtooth Creek. Bitter Root Brewing's blonde ale is made from the finest pale malt and hops available.…

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Bitter Root Brewing Nut Brown Ale

Nut Brown Ale Developed in London, England, Brown Ale has been brewed for hundreds of years. English and American brewing techniques, combined with generous amounts of Amber, Brown and Honey Malts, give Bitter Root Brewing’s Nut Brown ale its nutty,…

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Brush Tail Farmhouse Saison

Historically, Saisons were beers developed in rural French and Belgian breweries. Brewed once a year, and rarely distributed outside their immediate regions. Big Sky Brewing’s Brush Tail Farmhouse Saison is our take on a classic style. Traditional ingredients include; Pilsner malt, Goldings hops, as…

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Fresh Hopp Pale Ale

Fresh Hop Pale Ale is brewed only once a year using whole cone hops. This brew gives it a very citrus aroma and flavor. Still light enough to drink yet hoppy enough to make you happy if you like hops.…

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Headplant Pale Ale

Headplant Pale Ale is a full bodied and complex ale. This beer has a malty profie and just enough floral hop for balencing.     Visit the Lone Peak Brewing Headplant Pale Ale website...

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Swiftwater Pilsner

Swiftwater Pilsner is our rendition of the classic german pilsner. This beer has a grainy malt presence with a hint of hop floral on the finish.     Visit the Lone Peak Swiftwater Pilsner website...

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Rasbeery Wheat

Rasbeery Wheat is a smooth refreshing beer. The fruity tastiness is at the forefront with this style. A low alcohol content and crisp finish make this our most session-able beer.     Visit the Lone Peak Brewing Rasbeery Wheat website...

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Steep N Deep Winter Ale

Steep N deep is a potent ale which is rich, robust an full of complex flavors. Brewed with alot of crystal malts and modestly hopped, this slightly sweet ale with be a faveorite of scotch ale fans.     Visit…

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Burbon Barrel Stout

Bourbon Stout is aged three months in 18 year old Elijah Craig bourbon barrels. It is served in 8oz snifters only to enhance the aromatic experience of our fans.     Visit the Lone Peak Brewing Burbon Barrel Stout website...

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