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Fresh Hopp Pale Ale

Fresh Hop Pale Ale is brewed only once a year using whole cone hops. This brew gives it a very citrus aroma and flavor. Still light enough to drink yet hoppy enough to make you happy if you like hops.…

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Headplant Pale Ale

Headplant Pale Ale is a full bodied and complex ale. This beer has a malty profie and just enough floral hop for balencing.     Visit the Lone Peak Brewing Headplant Pale Ale website...

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Swiftwater Pilsner

Swiftwater Pilsner is our rendition of the classic german pilsner. This beer has a grainy malt presence with a hint of hop floral on the finish.     Visit the Lone Peak Swiftwater Pilsner website...

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Rasbeery Wheat

Rasbeery Wheat is a smooth refreshing beer. The fruity tastiness is at the forefront with this style. A low alcohol content and crisp finish make this our most session-able beer.     Visit the Lone Peak Brewing Rasbeery Wheat website...

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Steep N Deep Winter Ale

Steep N deep is a potent ale which is rich, robust an full of complex flavors. Brewed with alot of crystal malts and modestly hopped, this slightly sweet ale with be a faveorite of scotch ale fans.     Visit…

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Maiden The Shade

This beer has been dubbed a Summer IPA. Big powerful combinations of many different kinds of hops give a big hop profile. We added Flaked Barley to the beer to make for the smooth body and lighter Summer style IPA.…

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Radiant Ale

A touch of caramel malt is used to sweeten up this beer in addition to some vienna malt for balance. The multiple hop varieties are grassy and earthy in tone and differentitates Radiant from most of the citrus forward NW…

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Spring Reign Ale

Like many of Ninkasi beers this is an ale more than a specific style though we put it in the NW Pale category. A light toasted malt flavor is more reminescent of a British Pale but the hops are bright…

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Renewale 2013-Extra Special Bitter

Fruity esters come alive from our English Style Ale yeast, followed by a touch of caramel, finishing with a deep earthy hop nose. This Extra Special Bitter has rich malt flavor with a hint of raisans, a silky mouthfeel, fruity…

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RedHook Mudslinger

Ah, Spring…the season that keeps us guessing. Will it rain, or will the sun be out? Do I take advantage of the last days of skiing, or the first days of hiking? Do I put on jeans, or dare break…

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Redhook Winterhook

Winterhook is the perfect beer to keep warm during cold months after shoveling snow, shredding some powder, or playing hooky to can catch the game. Since it was first brewed, Redhook’s Winterhook has changed slightly each year to celebrate the…

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